Writer / Director

Brett Marty


Brett Marty cut his teeth as a commercial director and made the transition to long-form filmmaking with a handful of documentary projects and his narrative directorial debut, YOUTH, which won more than a half dozen jury awards and played at more than 30 festivals, including Cannes. Currently, he’s adapting Youth to be a feature film, produced by Jib Polhemus and Paul Schiff (Rushmore, My Cousin Vinney, PCU).

In previous lives, Brett’s documentary work has been commission for the front pages of The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Vice, and National Geographic. He studied ceramic sculpture at UC Berkeley, drove an old Buick from San Francisco to the tip of South America, and in 2008, helped Nate Silver launch FiveThirtyEight — a popular political website. Every four years, he still hits the trail as a presidential campaign photographer.